The Benefits of Teeth Whitening – Are you ashamed of smiling in public, just because you might expose your stained teeth? You don’t have to worry anymore, because with the safe and effective  Teeth whitening procedure, you can have pearly white teeth in just a few hours, unlike the conventional whitening procedures that takes weeks, even months before a satisfactory result  being achieved.

What is the Spa-Dent Teeth Whitening?

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Spa-Dent is a revolutionary teeth whitening technology that involves the use of a unique patent pending formula consisting of Carbamide peroxide, Xylitol, and Potassium Nitrate. Spa-Dent tooth whitening uses an innovative red and blue LED light that activates the teeth whitening gel, resulting in the release of Hydroxyl radicals that penetrate within the enamel and dentin and dissolve teeth stains, giving you milky white teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Spa Dent Teeth Whitening?

Let’s see how Spa Dent teeth whitening has several advantages over the conventional whitening procedures:

  • Innovative Technology – the Spa-Dent was the first to introduce Xylitol based whitening agents to the market. Furthermore, in contrast to the conventional whitening methods which can cause dehydration, Spa-Dent actually enhances salivary flow, thereby preventing damage to the teeth and gums.
  • Better Results in The Shortest Duration – unlike the conventional tooth whitening protocols which required multiple visits to the dentist’s office, teeth whitening treatment only requires a single sitting, which only takes about an hour!
  • No Tooth Damage From Overheating – many whitening procedures involve the use of light sources that generate excessive heat while activating the whitening agent, which can cause direct damage to the teeth and the gums. Fortunately, Spa-Dent uses a modernly designed red-blue LED light that does not cause overheating of the dental structures, thereby preventing them from damage.
  • No Pain and Tooth Sensitivity – most patients avoid getting any teeth whitening as they are afraid that it might cause pain during the procedure and the sensitivity of the teeth afterwards. With the effective gel formula of Spa-Dent teeth whitening, you won’t feel any discomfort or teeth sensitivity. Most dentists in Toronto now offer the facility of reading a newspaper or listening to music while the Spa dent teeth whitening treatment is being performed, so that the procedure becomes an enjoyable experience for the patients.
  • Protection From Germs – the unique formula of Spa-Dent whitening gel also provides protection against the germs, a quality which is absent in the convention teeth whitening agents.


Do You Require Teeth Whitening Services in Thornhill, Toronto?

If you have stained teeth, and you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, why not try the Spa-Dent teeth whitening? call us today at 905-597-1518  for a Teeth Whitening appointment, and let us provide you with a smile that you always dreamed of!

The Benefits of In-office Spa-Dent Teeth Whitening