Six Month Smiles VS Regular Braces | Traditional Braces

A relatively new alternative to traditional braces that you might have heard of is Six Month Smiles. While regular braces or traditional braces take between 2-3 years, Six Months Smiles takes on average only 6 months! In addition to this, 6 Month Smiles offers clear and substantially less visible alternative to traditional braces that often have a shiny metal appearance that many want to avoid.

Let’s take a look at 6 Month Smiles VS Regular Braces with a breakdown of why patients often opt for the former treatment:

Six Month Smiles is a treatment that many adults opt for because they are:

  1. Cheaper than regular braces
  2. Faster than regular braces
  3. More aesthetically pleasing because they are LESS visible

These are few of the key selling points of Six Months Smiles. But, let’s take a deeper look at why this treatment might be a viable alternative for you and your lifestyle as opposed to regular braces!

If we take stock of what exactly each of these reasons means for a patient, we can see easily why this treatment would be more appealing for specific cases.

Six Month Smiles emerald dental Faster Than Regular Braces

Cheaper Than Traditional Braces

Six Month Smiles is a procedure that operates using the same methodology as regular braces. They are subject to the same exact limitations for the teeth targeted. It is because it only targets “the social six” front teeth, your service provider only has to adjust and account for these specific teeth that are visible when you smile or speak.

The key is, if you do not have severe problems with the alignment of your teeth or need substantial adjustment to your bite: Six Month Smiles is ideal. The aim of this treatment is to focus on the cosmetic adjustment of your teeth for just that reason.

Whereas regular braces are a comprehensive treatment for people who are primarily still growing – mainly children and teenagers: they need to account for the whole mouth. 6 Month Smiles is only faster and cheaper because this treatment is not as comprehensive as regular braces, which can be an asset for adults who do not need such care.

Faster Than Regular Braces

Emerald dental care 6 month smilesRegular braces, as described are a comprehensive treatment that is meant to address problems with the whole mouth, bite and all. For patients that want a simple and quick alternative to having braces for what can be up to 3 years, this is usually a fair option.

The fact is: 6 Month Smiles does NOT move your teeth faster than a regular one. We use the same care as we would with usuall braces. The fact is, Six Month Smiles simply does ONLY what is necessary to move your visible front teeth.

As explained, this helps lower the cost and treatment time for patients who wish to have simply a more visibly straight smile. If you have severe problems or misalignments with your bite, we would recommend traditional braces. However, in many cases, adults who want braces simply desire a cosmetic improvement on “the social six.”

In this case, we are applying no more pressure to your teeth than regular braces would and you are getting the exact same functional wire and bracket system that someone with braces would.

Substantially Less Visible: The Biggest Seller.

Six Months Smiles’ biggest selling point is the fact that this treatment offers clear braces. The fact is, most adults simply want to improve their smile cosmetically with the least amount of social stigma. For those self-conscious of their smile already, metal braces for several years hardly seem like a realistic option.

The fact that these clear braces will be far less noticeable than regular braces is generally the biggest reason why patients opt for this treatment. Combined with how short the timeline for 6 Month Smiles is if appearance is your biggest priority: being discreet is what you get!

Emerald dental six month smiles Six Month Smiles VS Regular Braces
Which Is Right For YOU? Six Month Smiles VS Regular Braces:

All things considered, 6 Month Smiles is largely a cosmetic treatment for young adults, that is especially appealing for post-secondary students and young professionals. The idea is that you can discreetly have clear braces on your teeth which is preferable largely to traditional braces. In addition to this, they only have to be on your teeth for 6 months for the desired cosmetic effect, which is MUCH faster than regular braces often take.

However, if you require a more comprehensive or severe treatment, regular or traditional braces might be your only option. In a completely FREE and no-obligation consultation, the specialists at Emerald Dental Care can determine which of these corrective procedures are the right option for you.

In a free consultation in our Thornhill, Richmond Hill / Markham office, we can provide you with a complete assessment of time, costs of both options and an honest evaluation of whether either of these will work for you.

We offer flexible payment options for both procedures, but a specialist may recommend an alternative treatment altogether. It is important that you have a professional consultation before making an educated decision on a treatment plan that is right for you!

We hope that you have learned the benefits and limitations of Six Month Smiles VS Regular Braces from this article. Leave us a comment or give us a call and we’d be happy to give you more information!