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Dental braces, commonly used in orthodontics, are useful for aligning teeth and improving overall dental health; they gradually adjust the teeth’s alignment to optimize your bite. Additionally, braces can solve many problems associated with misaligned biting profiles, crooked teeth, and other teeth and jaw flaws. Braces can also be an excellent dental health investment for the long term. Since there are fewer gaps for bacteria to build up with better-aligned teeth, cavities are less likely to occur in the future.
On top of the health benefits that come with straightening your teeth, they give your smile a significant cosmetic boost!

Process of Getting Braces

Typically, four elements make up a brace: brackets, bonding material, archwire, and ligature plastic. The archwire is continuously putting pressure on the brackets and the teeth, which gradually adjusts the teeth towards the desired placement. During this process, the teeth become loose and force the bone to remodel itself to support the teeth in their new arrangement. This process is called “bone remodeling.”

Typically, braces need between six months to two and a half years to complete tooth alignment. Occasionally, orthodontic spacers must create enough space on the back teeth before braces can be applied.


Our specialized orthodontists at Emerald Dental Clinic evaluate every patient personally to provide each individual with the best orthodontic plan. Among the options for the type of braces that you may use, the most common ones are:

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