Multiple Teeth Extractions

Multiple Teeth Extractions , When and Why – Unlike a simple extraction procedure, multiple teeth extraction involves removal of many teeth in a single sitting. Although this procedure is definitively more complicated and tiring for the patient as well as the dentist, it may however, be required in a few circumstances.

When Multiple Teeth Extractions Are Indicated?

Extraction of multiple teeth may be required in the following cases:

  • Widespread Periodontal Diseaseperiodontal problems usually arise when patients fail to properly look after their oral hygiene. Periodontal problems can not only result in the loosening of teeth within their sockets, but can also lead to various serious medical conditions, such as the risk of heart problems. In addition, once the teeth become sufficiently mobile, they cannot be restored, and must be extracted.
  • Extensive Tooth Cavities – if a patient has multiple teeth that are infected with tooth cavities, then there are high chances that this infection can spread to other regions of the mouth too. Therefore, teeth that have become grossly carious, sometime need to be extracted.
  • For Immediate Dentures – sometimes, patients are not willing to wait for a few weeks while the healing of the multiple teeth extractions sites occurs, and the dentures are being made in the laboratory. Instead they demand an immediate rehabilitation of their mouth, either due to esthetic or functional concerns. In this case, dentists can provide these patients with immediate dentures that are places right after the extraction of the teeth.
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Multiple Teeth Extractions Procedure

  • Multiple Teeth Extractions procedures Administration of AnesthesiaPlanning and PreparationRemoval of multiple teeth in a single sitting require thorough planning and preparation. Multiple radiographs, in addition to the gypsum study models are viewed from various angles to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly.
  • Administration of Anesthesia – unlike the extraction of a single tooth that can be removed under the effect of a local anesthesia multiple teeth extractions requires anesthetizing all the four quadrants. Some dentists choose to administer IV sedation to patients, so that they can relax during the dental extraction procedure.
  • Using a Mouth Prop – for multiple teeth extractions, patients need to keep their mouths open for extended period of time, which may prove to be quite difficult for some. Dentists use mouth props to help the patients in keeping their mouths open
  • The Order of Teeth Extractions – customarily, the upper teeth are removed first, followed by the lower teeth. Dentists usually move from quadrant to quadrant, cleaning each before moving to the next.
  • Debridement and Suturing – Once all the extractions have been performed, the extraction sites are sutured to allow uninterrupted healing.

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What to Expect After Multiple Teeth Extractions?

Since extraction of multiple teeth requires extensive surgical procedures, it is not uncommon for the patients experience the following after having multiple teeth pulled at once (Multiple tooth extractions aftercare):

  • Bleeding – slight bleeding may be normal for 1-2 days, and should subside as healing progresses.
  • Pain After Multiple Teeth Extractions – dentists usually prescribe pain killers to their patients following surgery, therefore most of them remain free from pain while healing occurs.
  • Swelling – swelling is a sign of inflammation and it reduces as the healing progresses.
  • Fever – it usually subsides with one or two days.
  • Soreness – this occurs specially in those patients who are wearing immediate dentures.
When to Contact Your Dentist?

Emerald DentalCare Toronto ThornhillYou should immediately contact your dentist if you observe the following symptoms after multiple teeth extraction (multiple tooth extraction aftercare):

  • Pain beyond 4 days.
  • Continued swelling after the third day.
  • Uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Continued fever beyond the 2nd day.

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