cost of invisalign torontoThe cost of Invisalign is a major concern for patients who prefer effective and one time investment plan, and Emerald Dental Care in Thornhill, Toronto is just the right option for them. Emerald Dental care has been revolutionized with latest medical procedures, qualified dentists, and new cutting edge dental technologies. Now you don’t have to worry that you will be wearing those ugly braces any more. Instead of dental braces, you will be required to wear custom made aligner that will set your teeth on their right position. But the question comes, how much Invisalign costs? Will it suit your budget? Is it worthy of your money? If you are confused and have these question then below you will find all the necessary information that you are seeking.

Cost of Invisalign

How much can Invisalign Cost? The usual Invisalign cost is little expensive than dental braces but you will surely love the final result at the end. The average cost associated with this method range from $3,500 to $8,000. Your dentist will guide you during your initial visit. The most important factor that defines the cost of Invisalign is how bad the situation is. You might not have much bigger problem. If your case is not that much serious then, the typical sum you might be paying for your braces will range from $2,500 to $6,000. It is case-by-case basis so your dentist will discuss the most appropriate method and cost before handling your case.
Before going any further, you must know that most of the insurance companies cover cost of Invisalign and braces, but still make sure that you contact your dental insurance before proceeding towards the treatment.

How Long will The Invisalign Process Take?

invisalign how long to use torontoThe cost of Invisalign also depends on the time period it will take to cover your particular case. The usual time it will take to complete the procedure is 12 months, means what will be paying for the Invisalign is based on your time period with the dentist. You might have a minimal crowding of your teeth, and that takes up to six months. Some cases may take 2 years to complete, and the cost of Invisalign varies with it. Your dentist will guide you on how long your treatment will last and how many hours per day you will wear aligner tray.

Some Additional Costs of Invisalign

cost of invisalign torontoAligner tray is not permanent because you take it out when you eat. Sometimes it lose up grip and need replacement so its fee might also add up to the procedure. Your initial tray will be free but after that you might have to pay for additional aligner tray. The additional tray might cost $100 per piece. ( In Emerald Dental Care in Thornhill, there is no extra charge for the trays and trays will be changed every couple months as treatment goes forward since the new teeth shape needs new trays and they are all included in the initial estimate.) When you visit your dentist, you should inquire all the additional costs associated with Invisalign.

In the end, your dentist will decide what is best for you. The usual Invisalign cost is not that much higher than dental braces, plus, the advantages that Invisalign offers, i.e. Brushing, being able to take them off while eating and more, are better than braces.

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