Immediate Dentures or Conventional Dentures, Which one works for you best?

Immediate Dentures vs Conventional – Normally, dentures are provided to the patients once their extraction sites have healed completely. This means that it may take up to 3-4 weeks before the patients can start using them. However, most patients are not happy with the idea that they have to wait while most of their natural teeth have been extracted, and the dentures are being fabricated in the dental laboratory. For these people, dentists can plan a procedure, in which they will be provided with their dentures immediately after the extraction of their teeth. These types of dentures are called immediate dentures, and beside of immediate dentures cost while it may seem to the patients to be an excellent alternative to the conventional dentures, not all patients are a suitable candidate for getting immediate dentures. In addition, there are some stringent requirements that need to be followed, in order to make the placement of immediate dentures successful. Dentists usually provide the following instructions to their patients once they have been fitted with immediate dentures.

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Immediate Dentures Instructions

  • Do Not Remove Your Dentures – the most important instruction provided by the dentist is that the immediate dentures should not be removed at all, for at least 2-3 days. If the dentures are removed prematurely, the healing tissues will swell up and the dentures will not fit anymore! In addition, the immediate dentures provide a framework for the healing bone, in such a way that the bone adapts to the shape of the fitting surface of the dentures, thereby improving the fit as well as providing an optimal shape of the jaw bone.
  • Do Not Rinse Your Mouth on First Post-operative Day – patients should not rinse their mouth on the first day of getting immediate dentures? However, after 24 hours, they should remove them, and clean them with water and a toothbrush, after the meals. In addition, regular brushing of the remaining natural teeth should also be initiated at this stage.
  • Take Care of the Bleeding – it is not uncommon for patients to experience some post-operative bleeding. If that occurs, the site can be cleaned with a clean cloth. Similarly, if any blood clots are observed around the dentures, they can be gently removed, while taking care not to disturb the sutures. While slight oozing of blood may normally continue for a 2-3, days, if it persists beyond that duration, it is advisable for you to visit your dentist for a checkup.
  • dentures Cost TorontoTake Your Medicines Regularly – after the extraction of multiple teeth, you may experience some pain and discomfort. For this purpose, your dentist may prescribe you with pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. If they are taken in the recommended dosages and at the right time, the painful effects of the surgery will be sufficiently minimized.
  • Take a Soft Diet – during the initial days after the surgery, dentists recommend their patients to take a soft diet, so as not to disturb the healing of tissues. In addition, very hot liquids should also be avoided, as they can interfere with the clotting and promote bleeding. However, as the healing phase progresses, patients can gradually progress to a more solid form of diet.
  • Use Vaseline on the Corners of Mouth – in case of multiple extractions, the mouth has to remain open for extended durations, resulting in drying and cracking of the corners of the mouth. This can be prevented by applying Vaseline or petroleum jelly over the corners of the mouth.
  • Don’t Drink From a Straw – while it is advisable to drink lots of fluids during the healing phase, drinking from a straw must be avoided, as it can generate negative pressures which can result in the dislodgement of the blood clot that is formed over the extraction site. Similarly, smoking and spitting can also result in the dislodgement of the blood clot.

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If you follow the above mentioned instructions, you can expect your immediate dentures to become your permanent ones without the need for any major modifications. If you still have any questions, please call us or visit us at our Thornhill practice.

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