Inexpensive Dental Implants – It’s quite common facing the question “Why dental implant is so expensive?” in dental industry. Sometimes it is hard to relate that massive cost to replacement of a small tooth.

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The Cost of Dental Implants in ThornhillImplant dental toronto low cost

Despite the fact that many people have phobia of dental implants, this procedure have become very straight forward and less risky, especially by the help of the new technology and findings. The concept of the drilling jaw bone and placing implants is distressing for many people but the truth is that inserting Titanium screws inside human bones has been introduced and performed for decades. Many complicated Orthopedic surgeries have been only possible by using this technic and in recent years we have been witnesses to great improvements over dental implants. The accuracy, enhanced function and higher quality material have been remarkably improved in dental implant field.

Dental implant procedure requires precise and well planned operation since it is not easily reversible or re-doable like other dental procedures. This also has effect on raising the cost of the Dental Implants as well since it requires several years of academic knowledge and performing surgeries for a dentist to become a master in this field.

Looking for a Dental Implants Expert in Toronto, Thornhill Area

Aside from the clinical studies and obtaining passing marks on the related courses, there are several other factors which make a dentist professional in performing a dental implant procedure.
Despite the fact that we have all seen “Dental Implant Specialist” on many advertising media, there is no such a specialty field in dental industries. People think like many other specialty fields in dentistry, Implantology is also one of them, which is wrong. General dentists and even specialists must only go through some training courses and hands on practice under supervision of the approved authority in order to obtain their licence to perform implant surgeries.
Nothing can better explain the skills of a dentist for doing implants other than success stories and the actual patients’ testimony on the outcome of their procedure results. There is no doubt that the technology, level of training (for both dentists and all team members) and types of material used play a role in this field but what really plays a bigger role is the level of actual experience of performing these operations.

Dental Implants Materials Quality

3d guided implant toronto thornhillThe majority of the companies who produce material for dental implants always want to present their products through live sampling and free trials. This way they provide some possibility for the dentists to try their products and see the results before making any purchase.
In order to do so, they provide some training courses for the providers allowing them to actually work with their products and feel confidence in using them. There are many players in the field for these types of production, however, each has its own pros and cons and needs specific trainings for dentists to be able to work with their systems. Since the learning procedure is time consuming and costly, usually each dentist only gets trained on one or two brands and obviously they have to promote that brand by using their materials in the surgeries. Luckily there is a controlling body in Canada who allows only those brands to market which have passed all the qualifications and standards. The dental implants cost difference between these brands is not something material compare to the overall cost of the procedure.


What is the cost of a dental implant?

One of the most common questions that a dental office receives in a daily basis is “What will cost a dental implant in your office?” Although the cost range is mostly clear but there are several factors which can alter the fee and those make it difficult to give an accurate estimate over the phone without having physical examination and diagnose tools like X-Ray or CT Scan.
A typical dental implant and related crown performed by a general dentist usually costs somewhere $3,400 to $ 3,800 depending on the material. The same procedure done by specialist falls in the range of $4,000 to $4,500.
In case that 3D scan of the jaw bone reveals that sufficient bone doesn’t exist or the area of insertion is very close to the sinus line or face nerves, then some side procedures are required for a safe implant insertion and that will affect the overall cost.

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

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I have one tooth that I had pulled and a partial denture put in. I’ve never been able to wear this partial denture. it gave me headaches. So I would like to get a cost estimate for a dental implant in Thornhill. Thank you.