Dental Implants Procedure and Cost in Your Area

A dental implant is any fixture that is surgically placed inside the facial bones. There are several types of dental implants, however, the endosseous implants, which are inserted within the jaw bones and serve as the root portion of a missing tooth, are more commonly used in Toronto dentistry offices.

How Does Dental Implant Work?

The principle of a dental implant is based on its ability to form an intimate contact with the surrounding bone, in a process known as ossoeintegration. The greater the extent of ossoeintegration achieved, the greater is the stability and retention of the dental implant within the bone.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Getting Implant?

You are a suitable candidate for getting dental implants, if you have one or more teeth missing in your mouth, while maintaining a satisfactory physical and dental health, and not suffering from any chronic medical or dental illness. You may not be eligible for getting dental implants, if you are suffering from any systemic illness, pathology of the bones, or having any problems related to your heart, kidney or liver.

What are the Steps Involved in Dental Implant Placement?

Dental Implant Procedure TorontoThe first step in the placement of dental implants involves the thorough evaluation of the patient, so as to ascertain whether he or she is the suitable candidate for getting an implant. Once that is done, the procedure is initiated by administering the patient with a local anesthesia, followed by making an incision into the soft tissues overlying the jaw bone, and raising a soft tissue flap. Next, the dentist drills into the jaw bone to create an appropriately sized hole, such that it is slightly narrower than the diameter of implant that is to be placed inside the bone. The implant is then screwed or tapped into position by using controlled forces. At this stage, the dentist may choose to either provide a prosthesis over the implant immediately (single stage procedure), or to wait until the surgical wound has healed and sufficient ossoeintegration has been achieved (two stage procedure). Once the implant is in place, the soft tissue flap is sutured back into position, and the surgical site is allowed to heal.

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?

It basically depends upon the number of stages your dentist wants to place your dental implant. In case, immediate loading of the implant is opted, the treatment duration is shorter, and may be completed in 1-2 months. In case a two stage procedure is opted, the duration is extended, and may take up to 3-6 months to complete the treatment.

Is Implant Therapy Painful?

Not at all! While the placement of a dental implant is a surgical procedure, your dentist will provide you with sufficient anesthesia at each step, so that you remain pain free and comfortable throughout the duration of the treatment.

I am Extremely Afraid of Getting Any Dental Treatment, Can I Still Get Dental Implants?

Why not? With the help of sedation dentistry, your dentist will administer you with a pharmacological agent that will make you drowsy enough to relax and not remember anything about the dental implant procedure, but at the same time, you will be conscious enough to  respond to the dentist’s instructions. In this way, you will remain calm and carefree throughout the duration of the procedure.

How Much Will Dental Implant Procedure Cost?

The cost of implant treatment depends upon the number of implants required for the restoration of the missing teeth, as well as the type of prosthesis that will provided over the implants, such as a crown, bridge or an implant retained overdenture. Your dentist will be able to provide you with a rough estimate, after he or she has performed a thorough dental examination and required CT Scans.

I have heard that Implant Treatment is Quite Costly

Yes, getting an implant is more costly than getting removable or fixed dentures. However, unlike the dentures, the implants tend to last for a lifetime. Hence, you don’t have to get them replaced every now and then, and they actually become quite cost effective in the longer run.

Is Implant Treatment Covered In My Insurance?

It basically depends upon your insurance plan. While most insurance plans in Toronto are not covering implant therapies, as the use of dental implants for the restoration of missing teeth becomes more common, it is expected that more insurance companies will start providing coverage for dental implants.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your implants to last for a lifetime. However, the service life of an implant mainly depends upon your oral hygiene maintenance. The better your oral health, the longer will your implants last.

How Can I Look After My Dental Implants?

The most important requirement for the care of your dental implants, is to look after your oral health. You should consider your implants as your natural teeth, and brush and floss them regularly, as you should do for your natural teeth. In addition, you should take special care of the gums surrounding the dental implants, as, one of the major reasons of failure of an implant is gum and periodontal infections (peri-implantitis).


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