dental crown cost in thornhill torontoHow Much Do Dental Crowns Cost? Dental crown cost is a matter of concern for many people and since they are in fairly higher price range compare to other restorative treatments, people are hesitant to undergo. The Cost of Dental Crowns are impacted by 2 major factors, dentist’s work and dental lab costs for fabricating Crowns.

Typical Cost of Dental Crown

  • You must know that dental crown cost depends on the size, material used, and condition of your teeth which crown is being inserted plus the dentist’s experience and quality of work.
  • Dental Crown cost varies based on the above mentioned factors however the majority of the “Single Crown” cost falls in the range of $900 to $1200.
  • Although the material cost varies when you choose between Porcelain, Zirconia, Metal fused or other available types, the condition of the tooth underneath plays a big roll. Sometimes the tooth is not a strong foundation to invest a crown above and the dentist has to insert a post through the root of the tooth in order to support the crown above. The process of the Post Core buildup can alter the cost of Crown around $300-$400 extra.
  • It’s always recommended to discuss the pros and cons of each type of dental crown with your dentist before taking final step. Each type is made for specific applications and better be used for that particular one for the best outcome.

cost of dental crown

Facts about Dental Crown you should know:

  • Although dental crown is a bit costly, but refusing to get one when you are advised to do so, can be much more costly and painful. Usually a dental crown on the pre molar and molar teeth is prescribed when the natural tooth structure’s strength is compromised and the possibility of a tooth fracture or breakage has gone beyond safe margin. This can be due to an intense decay, root canal or physical impact causing breakage on the tooth.
  • What happens if you don’t take the advice of covering a fragile tooth by a dental crown? Sooner or later, your tooth will break and become non-functional. At that stage its very unlikely to have a dental crown possibility on the broken tooth and you are most likely left with only one option, Extracting the broken tooth and placing a dental implant with crown over. This can incur much more cost, time and pain compare to initial crown treatment.
  • Dental crowns need maintenance and care. During the regular checkup and cleaning sessions, dentist checks up on the condition of the crowns to make sure that proper margin is maintained and crown is not having any leakage from any side. If the original crown margin is not properly made and inserted, you will have an easy bacteria path open to the carved foundation and will create destructive decays underneath the crown. This will grow very fast since that area is impossible to clean and soon your crown will fall of due to change in the form of the foundation and it is not guaranteed if that crown can be used again.
  • With today’s technology, not only the dental crowns are being made very accurate and precise but also they are being made in a matter of couple hours rather than couple weeks as it was in the past. By taking advantage of digital 3D scanning, dentist are able to provide you with a nicely milled crown which 100% matches your natural teeth shape and color.
  • Front teeth crowns are much harder than the molars. Thinner foundation and being visible makes it more time consuming for all the stages of making new crown and that can have some effects on the final cost.

Consulting Dentist

dental crown cost special offersYou must acquire all the information before making a final decision. In your consultation you should ask if there is any dental crown cost that you can cut. You can purchase few things by yourself and save up some money. You can save up money on a lot of things so you should question from your dentist and have your dental crown in low cost.

Dental Crown Cost at Emerald Dental Care Thornhill

We are sure that still there are unanswered questions in place. At Emerald Dental Care we deliver a complete package of diagnosis, consulting and proper crown preparation process since we truly believe our patients deserve a good return on their investments and pleasant use of their new crowns for a long time. We provide you with the same day porcelain crown service in Thornhill and Richmond Hill, which will save you time and money. Call us and we will look into your particular needs and give you a unique solution and specific offer for your dental crown cost.


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It’s good to know that dental crown cost depends on the size, material used, and condition of your teeth. I honestly just assumed that crowns were all the same cost. Can you tell me anything about the procedure? My dentist said I might need a crown on one of my teeth and I’m a bit nervous!

Thank you so much for all these information. I really like your website and everytime I come to your website I see so many interesting and useful information.
I was planning to start shopping around for a dental crown in Toronto and I think this information will help me a lot.