Advantages of Visiting a Pediatric or Children Friendly Dentist

Children Friendly Dentist – That would be a tough task to perform but given the importance of dental care at the early stages of every child’s life, finding one is only a matter of parents taking the kid-friendly measure sooner or later. Dental phobia is a real phenomenon and it’s happening to kids regardless of location. What can you do as loving parents? Make sure their first step onto our office will not be tragic.

Children Friendly Dentist 1O1: Train Your Kids Beforehand

Children DentistryThe burden may fully lie on the dentist but that will only be 100% sure if they’re already in. So as much as you can, we highly encourage you to provide your children with enough information of what to expect beforehand, even if your child doesn’t need to visit a children friendly dentist at this moment or more importantly before a dental emergency event. Knowledge is power and in this case, setting expectations with them can help mettle the meltdown on the dental chair.

  • Condition your kid by opting for a dental clinic tour. Most dental offices in Toronto, specially the children friendly dental offices,  offer this provided that you set up appointments. If you don’t know any office, just search “Children friendly dentist Office near me” or simply ” Children Dentist Near Me” on Google.
  • It’s better to ask your family dentist herself for tips and tricks to diminish your child’s anxiety. They know it best with years of experience.
  • Come with them inside! Most dentists allow this especially for first-timers and even for numerous other visits as long as you inform them beforehand of the delicate situation.
[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Anything sugary must be avoided completely before any visits.[/quote]
  • Ask the dentist if they have recreational activities in place in case you came too early for an appointment. This will help your kids relax more before any dental care procedures.
  • Be an inspiration. Let them accompany you on your own dental trips and let them see the courage you have so they’ll emulate you.

Focusing on Children Friendly Dentist

Dealing with kid’s oral health is a two-way street so apart from preparing your child, you should get to know your chosen dentist more. If you haven’t yet found one, here’s some tips:

  • While visiting your pediatrician or family dentist, ask for referrals. They probably know a trusted pediatric dentist.
  • Go online! Make use of social media to ask for personal recommendations. Even your friends who have kids may have been to one their kids surely loved.
  • Try the CAPD website or the Canadian Association of Pediatric Dentistry. They have a list of member offices you can try nearby.


Once you have this sorted out, here are our advice:

  • Set a sit-down with the dentist or talk to their assistant on the phone. Ask beforehand relevant questions such as her years of experience with kids and if they have programs in place to cater specifically to them.
  • Refer to your child’s case and what they would have done if they were on your shoes. You’ll be lucky if your dentist says she/he has experienced it once.
  • Ask if they took up extra years of residency for specialization as that’s needed to prep them for handling children dentistry. ( Specially if you need to visit a Pediatrics Dentist Specialist)
  • Is their facility child-proof? Ask for entertainment centers to preoccupy them before and after treatment. Are their equipment also apt for kid usage?

Why Emerald Dental Care as Your Children Friendly Dentist Choice

children friendly dental office thornhillOur aim is simple: provide Toronto with adept and expert dental services, especially when it comes to children. You are in safe hands with Emerald Dental Care Clinic’s team of children friendly dentists in Thornhill who have the necessary educational and experiential background and a child-friendly setup to welcome kids of all ages, and in the event needed, we can refer you to experienced pediatric dentist.

So don’t worry. As one of the best children friendly dental offices in Thornhill ( Yonge and Steeles Area), we can arrange a dental office tour for your children to prepare them for dental care visits.

Finding Top Children Friendly Dentists