All About All on Four Dental Implants – Are you unable to chew on your food properly with your traditional dentures? Do you feel that your dentures are not restoring your facial esthetics? Then All-on-Four dental implant can be your best option of getting a beautiful smile and regaining your ability to chew without any discomfort. If you have all the elements which make you eligible for this treatment, then you can enjoy your new denture gained during a 2-session process.

What are all on 4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 dental implant cost in toronto markham richmond hillA Dental implant can serve as a permanent replacement for your missing tooth. However, getting all of your teeth restored with dental implants can become quite expensive (find the approximate cost of a dental implant in Toronto). The All-on-Four implant system involves precise placement of four dental implants in each jaw, over which prosthesis, such as a denture is placed to provide full mouth rehabilitation. The dental implants are firmly embedded within the jawbone and therefore provide excellent foundation and stability to the prosthesis which is placed over them. Gone are the days when complete implant placement procedure could take many months! The good news is now you can get All-on-4 dental implant in couple procedure sessions.


Why all on Four Dental Implants?

all on 4 dental implants toronto thornhill markhamStill thinking why you should get All-on-4 dental implants? Here’s why getting full mouth rehabilitation with this system can be the best option for you:

  • Durability – Dental implants are designed to last forever! By getting All-on-Four implants, you will enjoy the same level of convenience and functionality as you had with your natural teeth for a long time.
  • Shorter Treatment Duration – No more waiting for months to get your dental implants! Getting full mouth rehabilitation now just requires 2 to 3 dental procedure sessions, if you be eligible!
  • Enjoy eating your favorite food!– Dental implants are firmly anchored within the jaw bone and it creates a strong base for your denture allowing you to eat all your favorite food with no discomfort.
  • Improved Speech – Say goodbye to your speech troubles with traditional dentures. Firmly anchored dental implants support the all-on-4 dental implant prosthesis. This means that your all-on-four implant prosthesis will not slip while you are speaking, allowing you to talk without any difficulty or hindrance.
  • Prevention of jaw bone loss and recession of gums– As you are well aware, Traditional dentures can cause intensive bone loss on your jaw and also deteriorate your gums over time. With Denture on Implant you can prevent both since your denture won’t have direct contact with your jaw bone or gums anymore.
  • Long Term Savings – Instead of spending massive amounts of money on getting your dentures repaired or replaced now and then, you can get a durable and cost effective complete arch rehabilitation with All-on-Four dental implants!


How All on Four Implant System Works?

all on four dental implants richmond hillThe first step in All-on-Four dental implant process starts with a precise evaluation of your jaw bone and sinuses and nerves locations by using enhanced 3D scan technology. If you were a right candidate based on this evaluation, the second step will be taking a complete impression of the existing teeth/jaw in order to make a temporary denture for the day of the surgery. Extracting the remaining teeth (if any) and placing 4 dental implants will be the next phase. Dentists can have access to a very precise surgical guide model which helps them to place necessary implants in the best spot possible in your jaw bone. These implants can efficiently carry the load of the temporary denture which has been prepared in advance for the healing period. You leave the office with a temporary denture and you need to live with it for about 4-6 months. During this period your gums will heal and the implants will get firmed inside the jawbone making it possible for the last step which is loading your permanent denture. You can eat and speak easily during this healing period and you won’t have issue showing your beautiful smile.
On the final day of procedure, your permanent implant supported denture with be placed on the inserted implants and it will take some times between 2-4 hours to adjust your bite and make sure both functionality and esthetics of your new denture are present. (What is cosmetic dentistry? read about it here:)


What are you waiting for? Visit our dental office in Markham, Thornhill today and walk away with an amazing smile and the ability to enjoy all those food that you had longed to eat since the loss of your natural teeth! No more blurred speech and no more broken dentures!


* All On Four Dental Implants is available just for selected patients with certain medical conditions. To find out out if you are a good candidate or to know more about all on four implants cost, contact us today!