Dental Implant Best Price – An affordable dental implant, is not completely impossible to find. The cost of a dental implant varies based on several factors which are not identical among patients. One is the implant surgery itself and second is the restoration of the crown on top of the implant. The process is discussed with each patient and the dentist will prepare a complete treatment plan including cost breakdown.  At this stage the patient will be given detailed clinical and financial information and possible payment plan options.

At Emerald Dental Care, we want our patients to leave happy instead of burdened by the financial details of their dental implant. We personalize each case to the patient in order to create a unique payment plan. These plans can be arranged according to the patients financial situations. Dental Implants are a longer process than most dental procedures which means the payment plan can also be extended to a flexible and reasonable rate charged over the course of around a year.
Our dental implant costs are not specified based on a general theory. Every patient has different conditions and needs. Our dental implant process looks into the followings:

  • Patients Condition: There are many aspects that must be taken into consideration before an implant procedure starts. These can include but not limited to patient’s age, jaw shape, bone strength and thickness, positioning of nerves and sinus, the condition of the adjacent teeth, hygiene and so on. Your dentist must evaluate all of these aspects before the procedure. This will allow them to come up with a treatment plan and an accurate cost breakdown.
  • free affordable dental implant in torontoType of Implant: The materials used in a dental implant surgery can affect the cost. Dental implants are a very long lasting treatment if they are done properly. Most of the time, the amount a patient saves is directly correlated with the durability of the initial implant. Investment in your mouth health should not be completely affected by the price given up front as a better quality dental implant will save you money in the long run.

At Emerald Dental Care, we want you to love your smile and therefore promise you our best patient care. Our customizable payment plans are just another reason to show off your new, beautiful smile.

Things you should consider for Affordable Dental Implant

  • affordable dental implant TorontoAdvertising: Many dental care clinics in Toronto advertise their implant as $400 or so, and it is true somehow. But, you should know that implants are not as cheap as they advertise. Although you might get an implant for 400$ or less, there might be additional process fee like restoration which does not appear on their Ads. And that may take around $1600 extra.
  • Location: The most important thing that you will find interesting is, the rates in some areas are more expensive than other. But Emerald dental care is located Thornhill, Toronto.

There are lots of factors that defines whether dental implants are affordable or not. Among many things, the experience of the dentist counts more. If you want to have a smile that suits you, then try the best and most affordable dental implant from Emerald Dental Care. We will offer you our monthly deals on dental implants!

Ask us about our limited time Dental Implants Special offers for Vaughan, Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York and Toronto residences.

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If you have question then let us know, we might help you on your particular problem with affordable rates. We are sure that you will like the treatment and knowledge that Emerald dentist possessed and also the most affordable dental implant rates we offer you.

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Hello, I have been exploring all my options for dental implant, I need 10 implants, 2 front, and 8 molars. I recently have been quoted around $2,500 per dental implant, $25000 total (including procedure, 1 sinus graft, 1 bone graft) I am just wondering how this compares, if you do any sort of promotions for multiple dental implants in Toronto and what type of payment plans for implants are offered.

Email is preferred and any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

As I am going to find a dental implant dentist in North York, this blog really helped me.
Thanks for your great website.