Periowave™ is an effective, minimally invasive, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory treatment. This makes the Periowave laser ideal for the treatment of gum disease. Periowave™ uses the powerful photo disinfection reaction to inactivate the bacteria and toxins that are left behind after scaling and root planing. Photodisinfection is based on a simple, two-step procedure:

First, a small quantity of blue-coloured photosensitizer solution is topically applied to the gums at the treatment site where it attaches to microbes and toxins associated with gum disease.

Second, a thin, plastic light guide is painlessly placed into the treatment site.

The light guide illuminates the treatment site with an accurately calibrated laser light, activating the photosensitizer solution and destroying bacteria beneath the gum line. Each treatment site requires only 60 seconds of laser activation, making it a quick, painless procedure.

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