At Emerald Dental Care, we know how losing several or even all of the natural teeth will affect your daily life. In addition to impacting day to day activities such as talking, laughing or eating, missing the teeth can reduce your self-confidence. A complete removable full or partial denture can enhance your quality of life, give you a feeling of self-assurance and improve your self-confident.


Teeth provide significant support for the facial structure, particularly around the mouth and cheeks. Removable complete and partial dentures have the ability to make sagging facial muscles look far more youthful and natural

A well-made set of removable dentures will not only enable you to look great, but allow you to live more healthily. According to your requirements, Emerald Dental Care in Thornhill will make you a smile that fits the normal contours of your mouth and face, leading to a much more attractive look.

Removable Full  Dentures

Full dentures or sometimes called “complete dentures,” are widely-used whenever all of the natural teeth have been lost or require to be removed. Full dentures are kept in place by suction to the roof of the mouth. They are completely removable before going to sleep or for deep cleaning.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are recommended when several but not all teeth are missing. Created by one or several artificial teeth, they are rather held in position with clasps that attach to close natural teeth. Removable Partial Dentures are taken out for cleaning and before going to bed.

If you are looking to find Full or Partial Dentures in Thornhill or Toronto, or if you want to know about the cost of Full or partial dentures, Emerald Dental Care is the way to go.

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