Emerald Dental Care is a progressive dental office in Thornhill, Toronto, providing high-quality dental treatments, delivered in a safe, gentle and warm environment. As a modern dental clinic in Toronto, we offer state of the art services such as digital radiographs, including Panoramic and Cone Beam CT scans, CEREC (same day dental crown restorations), laser treatment for periodontal needs and many others for which all of our clinical staff members are trained to operate safely through continuing education.

We are also proud to offer in-house dental specialist service for endodontic treatments. (Root Canal RE-Treatment)

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To protect your natural tooth structure and prevent excess cost in restoring your ultimate bite, sometimes it becomes necessary to insert a porcelain crown on your weak tooth. Being equipped with the latest CEREC technology is allowing us to offer “Same Day Crown” service to our valued patients.

We welcome you and your child to our practice. Our office provides a wide range of dental care for children, adolescents and special needs patients at any age. Call Emerald Dental today to book a complete exam with our dentists and hygienists for your child in our Thornhill dental office.

Dental implants have become the most successful and predictable method of replacing single or multiple teeth. In our Thornhill dental office, With computer guided implant surgery, the restoration can be planned, prepared and placed with highest quality materials and highly experienced dentists.

Aligning crooked teeth has become much easier with Invisalign treatment. Development of dental decay has always been a concern for those who needed orthodontic treatment and by introducing Invisalign technology, your orthodontic treatment can be done cavity FREE!

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  • My experience at Emerald Dental Care was excellent from beginning to end. The staff jumped through hoops to accommodate my special circumstances, and I wasn't even a regular patient - it was my first time visiting the office. I called them explaining that my benefits were ending in a few days, and that I was in a rush to get some complicated dental crown work done which my regular dentist couldn't complete in time. The whole office pulled strings, strategized, and did whatever they could do to ensure the procedure was done on time. I've never felt so appreciated before by strangers. Besides their kindness and sincerity, they're also highly professional: the procedure went perfectly. I highly recommend Emerald Dental Care.

    Tanja Grubnic Same Day Dental Crown (CEREC)
  • Today was my 2-year-old daughter’s first dental appointment. My wife and I were predicting to have a tough day but surprisingly Dr. Saeidi turned it to a very pleasant day using her professional skills and experiences. She did 2 dental fillings and complete exam and cleaning on her teeth and my daughter didn’t even move her head or didn’t even cry for a moment. I’m so glad that I have come to this dental office based on my friend’s referral and more importantly founded a very positive mentality for my daughter that I’m sure will last for good.

    M. Minouei Children Dentistry
  • As a member of a large healthcare facility in Toronto, I can surely say; this dental office is going to be referred and held in the highest regard. The administration staff are welcoming and personable, the dental assistants are efficient and polite and Dr. Saeidi was compassionate, wonderful bedside manner, wonderful demeanor, succinct, and efficient. It was the best dental experience I have ever had and I will be recommending them to anyone I know that comes to me with a dental question. Thank you all!!! My wisdom teeth thank you!!

    Andre Bowen Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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We all love our children and want them to remain healthy and keep smiling forever. However, for that to happen we not only need to take care of their physical health, but we also need to ensure that our children maintain an impeccable dental hygiene.

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What is considered a dental emergency ? A missing tooth or teeth whitening is one thing, but a severe toothache is another. A Dental emergency is real and it happens even to the best of us.

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